I am member of the Fault-Tolerant Systems Research Group of the Technical University of Valencia. The group is part of ITACA, a research institute whose research is driven to the discovery of new uses of emergent ICT technologies to improve the life of human beings and the transfer of resulting know-how and design and validation techniques to the industry.

My research is mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Use of reflection and aspect-oriented technologies for the agile development of hardware and software in dependable and secure systems;
  • Use of fault/attack injection for system dependability/security assessment, fault/intrusion tolerance verification and robustness testing;
  • Use of resilience benchmarking and multi-criteria decision making techniques to guide the selection of suitable components for integration into computer-based systems subjected to functional safety and security constraints.
Application domains where this research is exemplified are VLSI systems, mobile ad hoc networks and automotive embedded systems.